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The misty cliffs

In the heart of Cape Town's bustling music scene, The Misty Cliffs have emerged as a beacon of indie pop-rock and singer-songwriter excellence. The trio, comprised of Nick Turner on guitar and vocals, Nick Catto on bass and vocals, and Matt Catto on drums, percussion, and vocals, combines a profound depth of experience with an infectious energy that defines their sound. Their recent signing with Just Music has propelled them onto a larger stage, showcasing their innovative approach to music that resonates across South Africa and beyond.


Since their inception in early 2020, The Misty Cliffs have captivated audiences with their unique blend of indie pop-rock and the introspective narrative depth of singer-songwriter traditions. Their journey with Just Music has been marked by the release of three singles that underscore their versatility and knack for crafting hits: "Don't Complicate It," which received acclaim on local radio; "Make Me Feel;" and "Surfers Corner," featured on a prominent Spotify playlist. These tracks serve as a prelude to their eagerly anticipated self-titled album, set to launch on the 9th of February.


The essence of The Misty Cliffs lies in their ability to weave the introspective lyricism of singer-songwriter genres with the upbeat, catchy rhythms of indie pop-rock. This fusion creates a sound that's both reflective and invigorating, making their music the perfect companion for a road trip or a deep dive into the complexities of the human experience. Their performances are an exploration of musical boundaries, delivering a live experience that is as unpredictable as it is thrilling.


As they prepare for the release of their self-titled album, The Misty Cliffs stand at the cusp of a new chapter in their career. Their music, rich in lyrical depth and melodious charm, is a testament to their growth and a bold statement in the indie pop-rock and singer-songwriter scenes. This upcoming album promises to be a milestone in their journey, offering a collection of tracks that encapsulate their evolution and the vibrant spirit of their music.


The Misty Cliffs invite listeners to embark on a journey with them, one that traverses the vast landscapes of emotion and sound. Their fresh, vibrant energy, coupled with their seasoned insight into the craft of music-making, positions them as a rising force in the indie pop-rock and singer-songwriter genres. With each performance, The Misty Cliffs are not just playing music; they are crafting an experience, one that leaves audiences both moved and exhilarated.

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