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Starting out as an acoustic guitar duo with a goat skinned djembe drum, the Wolves are now a 5-piece ensemble that boast a heady compound of dark country, alt-folk and surf-rock. As the Wolves sound continued to evolve, Pete picked up a banjo and the band began to explore the bluegrass genre, creating a unique sonic fusion with their punk-rock reggae roots. 


Hailing from Cape Town the Wolves have a strong connection with the ocean and kreef gods of the diabolical South African west coast. Sleeping in their surfboard bags in the Elandsbaai campsite, with icy surf and frosted quarts is an important part of their songwriting process. The Wolves start from an acoustic base and incorporate diffusion from different genres. This enables the Wolves to perform stripped down acoustic shows in intimate venues, with the upbeat energy of the full band better suited to bigger shows & festival performances. “You can’t put us in a neatly labelled box! We are happy to explore Crosby Stills and Nash harmonies, mixed with punk, reggae, rock n’ roll and banjo-driven bluegrass”.


Excited as they are with the emerging sounds, the Wolves never anticipated the enthusiasm which their audiences have found for their music. Within weeks of releasing their debut EP, “Hold the Wheel”, all records were sold out and had to be reprinted. "The City'' and ''Uncle Tin'' were released as follow-up singles. 


“I can’t get over this band”, comments Mike Smith, editor of LMG music magazine / website, “Nobody in South Africa is doing this kind of music. Their songs are fresh AF! with absolutely addictive melodies”. 


Local promoter and manager of the Brass Bell agrees, “the Wolves live show is not a subtle performance… The Wolves are masquerading as a contemporary folk-rock band, but the sum is greater than the parts.

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